This sister and brother were precious. Beautiful blue eyes. They have never been to the United States.  They were both very quiet. The director noted for us that they both are sensitive and enjoy physical affection such as hugs and kisses.

Zhenya’s favorite color is red. Her favorite food are potatoes. She prefers not to eat a lot of meat. She has a lot of friends and gets along with others easily. She enjoys playing with both kids her age and younger. Her favorite animals are dogs, cats, and rabbits. Her favorite subject in school or reading and writing. She prefers to be inside and doesn’t really care for sports. She’s a little nervous about venturing and traveling to the United States.  She was very shy with us did not make much contact, and they were both very quiet.

Vasya was very quiet throughout the whole interview. His sister often answered on his behalf. His favorite color is blue and he has many friends. His favorite food is bananas and he also prefers little meat. He enjoys playing with children his age or maybe a bit younger. His favorite animal is a horse and he also enjoys reading and writing in school. He enjoys playing soccer and is a little scared to travel to America. He was very sweet but very shy and made no eye contact.