Thank you for Supporting IHC in our mission to bridge the gap between orphans and families.  Your gift matters and can truly change a life!

Since the war broke out, IHC’s role has changed from facilitating orphan hosting to supporting orphans and their caregivers, as well as aged-out orphans. While IHC desires to continue to facilitate hosting in the future, until the Ukrainian government gives approval, we are not able to move forward with hosting. Supporting orphans and their caregivers includes, but is not limited to: financing transportation, lodging, food, clothes, essentials, medical needs, caregiver costs, and school supplies and computers. Our goal is to come alongside the orphans and their caregivers to provide not only physical support but also emotional support. We are working closely with many other organizations in order to meet these goals. IHC is assisting both orphan groups that are still in Ukraine, as well as those who have already evacuated. The needs are ever-changing, and with each day, we learn more about how we can assist the orphanage caregivers in their roles and how we can best support the children.

Our budget needs are estimates and seem to change each week, but we are committed to the orphan’s needs until such time there is peace.

Donations can be sent via Venmo @ihcdonation and the 4 digit code is 1387.

Or another method is with Our Donorview Page
Or of course checks can be mailed to: International Host Connection, 820 Kings View Dr., Prosper, TX 75078
Or if you have another method you would like to use, please contact our treasurer by emailing Rodney @
If you would like to set up a fundraiser for a particular orphanage or need, please contact us for more information on how to do this!