International Host Connection was founded by four close friends with a heart and passion for the country of Ukraine and serving orphans. We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit established in the United States. We traveled to Ukraine multiple times a year with the goal of enriching and investing in the lives of orphaned children. Through the knowledge that we have gained, the relationships we have made (with children, orphanage directors, and facilitators) we started International Host Connection.


We want each child that participates in our program to know that they are loved, important and a child of God. Some of these children have never had or were too little to remember a normal family life. Whether through hosting, child sponsorship, mission trips, or weekly food drop-offs, we want each child that is a part of our program to know that they are loved.


Along with our orphan host programs, we have a heart for the children left behind in the orphanages. We have child sponsorship programs, orphanage support, and we strive to support aged-out orphans. Relationships established with the children reach beyond the child and into the community.  


  • Provide food and supplies for our orphanages still stuck in dangerous areas with no way to leave.
  •  Support the short-term needs at the facilities the children and caregivers have been moved to. Children and staff left with a backpack or less, not prepared for a long stay.
  •  Support education efforts for the children, specifically by making sure they have access to whatever resources they need for online Ukrainian school.
  •  Support the long-term needs for children, orphanage staff, and other refugees related to our host program. This is a very fluid and unknown situation.
  • Help facilitate and retain established relationships with host families.
  • Support aged-out orphans that have been evacuated.
  • Meet the unknown needs that arise from the war.



Jo Muñoz President and Founder

Tasha Bradley Vice-President and Co-Founder

Sherrie Albritton Family Liaison and Co-Founder

Rodney Mast Treasurer

Susanna Yoder Family Liaison

Roger Whan Family Liaison

Julia Zadvorna Ukraine Coordinator