Valentin (12)

Valentin was a boy who is easy to get a smile from. He was very friendly and conversational. We enjoyed visiting with him. 

Valentyn is a handsome guy who enjoys playing outside. He was able to answer many of our questions in English. He enjoys adventure and likes to run and climb like a Ninja Warrior. If he was given money, he would save most of it and buy a phone. His favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is a cat. He surprised us with his answer for his favorite food – green jello. If he could be anything he wanted to when he grew up, he would be a NASCAR driver. His favorite subjects at school or PE and music. Valentyn is a unique boy who is a little shy, but also adventurous.

Zoryana (9)

Zoryana enjoys jump rope being in drawing.  When she grows up she would like to be a hairdresser. Her favorite color is blue and her favorite animal is a cat. Her favorite food is cabbage rolls and she does not like to eat porridge with milk. She enjoys picture books. If she had money and could buy anything in the world she would buy a house, food, and clothes. She would also buy a salon so she could be the best hairdresser.  We asked her if she would like the opportunity to come to America. Her response was, dreams don’t come true. Our translator explained to her that sometimes dreams do come true and for her to keep her dreams alive. She said she would love the opportunity to meet a family, she told us that her mom gave up on her. She told us that her mom has forgotten about them and does not even come to visit. We think this little girl would absolutely bloom in a family who showered her with love.

Roksalana (7)

Valentin was a boy who is easy to get a smile from. He was very friendly and conversational. We enjoyed visiting with him. 

Roksalana won our hearts. She warmed up very quickly to us and loved talking with us. She was very affectionate and gave us many hugs and was absolutely precious. When she is outside she enjoys playing with a ball. If she was given $1 million, she would buy a telephone, food, a doll, and a doll house. Rokslana likes all the colors and all the animals. She could not choose just one.  When she grows up, she would love to be a hairdresser. She told us all about school and how much she loves it. She noted for us that she especially loves PE and playing table tennis. We asked her if she had any fears, and she said she was scared of zombies and afraid that if she were to break something she would get in trouble. She told us that she did not want to wait till summer to come to America, she was ready now. Only we could’ve put her in our suitcase and brought her with us.