Taras (13) School president

Taras is a very special boy. At 13 years old, he is the President of his orphanage. Before we interviewed him, he was coming into the director’s office to take care of his responsibilities at the school. Then we were told that he was an orphan and they were hoping to come on our program. I was really shocked as he doesn’t seem like a typical orphan teen at all. Taras loves music and especially his job of organizing the school musicals, plays, and shows. He loves IT/technology.

When I asked him if he prefers being outdoors or indoors more, he explained that of course in the winter he prefers the indoors and in the summer he prefers being outside. He loves swimming, running, and just being happy he said. When I asked him if he gets along best with kids his age, older, or younger, he said that everybody is his friend and that everybody is equally important to him. We saw this exemplified when observing him with other children there.

He has lived in orphanages since he was 4 years old. I asked him if he is more of an introvert and extrovert, and he said that since he has lived around other children for so long, it is very difficult for him to be alone now. He loves being around other kids and having lots of do. Definitely will do best in an active and extroverted family. He had great eye contact and an outgoing and funny personality. When we asked him what he would buy if he could buy anything he said, “With half the money I would rebuild and fix all the orphanages in the world. With the other half, I would invest the money and let the money work for me.” Amazing answer and a really amazing kid.

He loves the idea of traveling and would love to come for hosting. I asked him what his favorite color was and he said “black.” The director (whom I could tell the kids were very close to and loved) teased him and asked why he liked such a gloomy color. He explained that he likes to wear black, but as an alternative, he also loves the light blue color-just like the sky. When we asked if he liked animals, he said, “I’m crazy about them!” He doesn’t really care for cats as he said he hasn’t had a lot of luck with them. 😛 But he loves dogs and especially Siberian Huskies.

When he was a small child, he was always dreaming that he would one day be President of his country. So he would wear a suit and tie and would try to sit and stick his belly out so he would look fat like the politicians he would see on TV. Such a funny boy! If he can’t be President some day, he said that maybe he could be an organizer of parties or shows. In school, his favorite classes are PE, computers, and algebra. He loves running track, working out, and gymnastics. He would love to come for hosting and would really love if the host family had a boy near his age. We think he would do great in a bigger family. He is easygoing, outgoing, and funny. A total character. He is absolutely a leaders at the school, very smart, and a great speaker.