This boy is something special. He listened more intently to our questions then any other child and was so excited. He was sure if his answers in the smile never left his face. He does have mild cognitive, special needs. He has no brothers and sisters. At the end of his interview he looked and said I like you. Sasha likes to read books about animals. He also loves to listen to music, do puzzles, and play with Legos.  His favorite foods are tomatoes, apples, and oranges, but he does not like to eat fish. If he was given money, he would buy cakes, sunflower seeds, and a phone. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is a zebra. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a driver and having a car. When asked what his favorite subject in school was, he couldn’t choose just one, and says he likes them all. He enjoys playing soccer and just running around. This boy was ready to go with us back to America today. He asked the translator, “Can I go with them today?” He is surely to be a blessing to any family who chooses to host him