Sasha has been listed at least three times with different host organizations and never chosen. I interviewed him a little more than a year ago and was impressed with how sweet and gentle he was. Every family, interviewer, and the team at the orphanage all say the same thing about this sweet boy.

Sasha is a very good boy. I put all my notes together from prior conversations or host org posts and this is what eight different people had to say about him : “really the sweetest kid” “would bring him home in an instant” “sweetest boy” “kindhearted and looks out for others” “soft spoken and occasionally hesitant” “sweet boy” “this boy really grabbed my heart, he has the kindest countenance and personality, he loves computer programming & woodworking, is calm and quiet, not hyper at all” “very sweet and shy boy, a bit afraid to get on the host pic, he is afraid to dream and have high hopes, in his life he has not seen much love or attention” “a gem” “had a best friend in the orphanage who was adopted, they cried and hugged when the best friend was adopted” “very quiet, barely spoke”