Oleg (7)

Oleg has no known brothers or sisters. He likes to play hide and seek with his two good friends. If he had money and could buy something, he would buy ice cream for the whole school. He likes to eat meat but does not like porridge. His favorite color is black and his favorite animals are dogs and cats. When he grows up he would like to be a bus driver. When we asked him about school he told us his favorite subject is math. Then he showed off his counting skills and counted for us. His favorite sport is soccer. When we asked him if he’d like to ride a roller coaster or go to a movie theater, he was not able to answer. He doesn’t know what either one of those two things are. But he did tell us he enjoys watching TV. He likes to draw, play with cars, and Legos. Oleg  had great eye contact with us and was very attentive when answering questions. Our interview team really enjoyed meeting him. He was precious.