Nastia is a beautiful girl inside and out. She enjoys dancing, singing, computer games, and Facebook. We talked to her about what type of kids she enjoys being around. She said she likes to hang out with kids around her same age. But her smile grew even bigger when she talked about how much she enjoys being around younger children and helping them. Nastia, is new to the orphanage and when we met her had only been there about one month. If she had money, she would buy electronics, gift to others, buy an apartment, and ride a roller coaster. She also said if there was money left, she would enjoy eating at a restaurant. Her favorite food to eat is fruit, and her favorite color is pink. She’s not sure what she wants to be when she grows up. Nastia is an athletic girl who enjoys soccer, gymnastics, basketball, volleyball, any sport is great with her. She would love the opportunity to visit America and we believe would fully enjoy the experience. The director mentioned to us even though she’d only been there a short time she was a very good girl. Nastia was soft-spoken, and really thought about her answers before answering.