Lesya (16)

Lesya was a bit nervous and scared to talk with us. She enjoys drawing pictures of nature. Her favorite color is light green and her favorite animal is a lion. She told us that she likes salty foods and doesn’t care as much for sweets. She does not like to eat fish or beans. If she had money and could buy anything, she would help her mom and dad be able to afford a house. When she grows up she would like to be a hairdresser. Her favorite subject used to be math, but she’s not sure anymore.

Rostyk (14)

Rostyk enjoys playing video games. If he had money, he told us he would give it away to help poor kids. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a hippo. He has never seen a real live hippo. It would be amazing to go to the zoo and see a real hippo.  When he grows up he would like to be a tractor driver. His favorite foods are borscht and dumplings and he does not care for fish. Rostyk was quiet and soft-spoken.

Vasyl (9)

Vasya likes to walk around outside and explore and enjoy sleeping. When he’s outside, he enjoys playing with a ball. His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a dog. When he grows up, he would like to drive a tractor. When we asked him about school, he said he had no favorite lesson. His favorite time of the day was when it was Breaktime. When we asked him if he would like to go to a roller coaster or a movie, he said neither. He would prefer to stay inside and sleep. His favorite foods are dumplings and porridge and he does not like to eat fish. As you can probably guess from his interview, and him telling us that he likes to sleep, Vasya was quite reserved and quiet.