This is a close knit sibling group of three. Dima came in to the interview in tears because he thought we were there to adopt them in big sister was not there. Had a hard time getting a picture of him as he was a bit upset and had red eyes for most of his interview.  After we got him calm down he has a very sweet and sincere heart. His little sister was absolutely precious.



Dima (12)

Dima has a huge heart and is very close with his siblings. He cares about others and is aware of their emotions. He has many friends of all ages. Went outside he likes to play with a ball and inside he enjoys drawing. Dima likes all food except for fish. When asked if he could buy anything in the world he said he would buy a house, animals, and a family. His favorite color is red and he couldn’t pick a favorite animal. He loves them all. When he grows up, he dreams of becoming a veterinarian. His favorite subjects in school or biology and geography.  It took him a little bit to open up to us and trust us but when he did he had many questions about America. One of them being how do we communicate with each other if we don’t speak the same language. We demonstrated Google translate for him and it was cute to watch his expressions as we were able to talk with him.

Karina (7)

Is she not precious? We loved this cute little girl. Katrina has a few good friends and enjoys playing with the ball outside. Inside she loves playing with dolls and playing family and house. She would LOVE to have a doll of her own. Her favorite food is tomatoes and she does not like fish. When asked if she had money and could buy anything in the world, she would buy lots of sweets. She likes all colors and couldn’t choose a favorite one. Her favorite animal is a cat and she dreams at being a pediatrician when she grows up. She enjoys school and likes everything about it. Katrina is very sweet and a little bit on the quiet side. She’ll need some encouragement to come out of her shell a little bit and try new things.

Lena (15)

Lena is very responsible, great student at school with the best grades. She has many friends and is the first one to help if someone needs help. She takes care of her siblings and loves them very much. She is like a mom to them. She dreams about trip to the US and wants to have a forever family and home. If  the US family cannot adopt her she at least can meet new friends, learn about the culture . But she really wants a mom and dad. She does not need to be asked twice to do something. Lena loves to clean, to iron, and to cook.