These three have been listed on our program many many times but have never been chosen!

Misha (10)

Misha is the youngest of a sibling group of three. He enjoys playing hide and seek and playing outside. If he was given $1 million, he would save it and purchase a home for him and his brother and sister. His favorite color is blue and his favorite animal is a cat. He does not like snakes. Misha is not sure what he wants to be when he grows up. His favorite class at school is physical education. He enjoys running in gymnastics. His favorite food Is watermelon. If he gets the opportunity to come to America, he would love to go to the zoo.

Khrystyna (15)

Khrystyna enjoys being outside and simply taking walks with friends. However, she always helps not to see a snake on her walks, because she’s afraid of them.   Her favorite foods are dumplings and potatoes. When we asked her what she would buy if she had money, she said she would buy a house, furniture, a car, and save the rest. Her favorite animal is a dog and her favorite color is red. She has a bit of an adventurous spirit and would enjoy riding a roller coaster. Her favorite subject in school is computers.  When she grows up she would like to become a hairdresser. When asked what is one thing you would enjoy doing in America, she replied going to the zoo.

Vasyl (14)

Vasyl enjoys being outside with his friends and hanging out. When he’s inside he enjoys playing a good game of chess. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. When he grows up he would like to see a Progress. When I asked what he would buy if he had $1 million he responded, a car, a good house, and then I would save the rest of the money for my future. He likes to eat pizza but does not like to eat hotdogs. His favorite class is physical education. He especially loves gymnastics. If he had the choice between a roller coaster or watching a movie, he would prefer to watch a movie. If he gets to come to America he would love to go to the zoo and see a lion.