Ivanka (14)

We love this girl! We would love to see her hosted and find her forever family. She has a sweet demeanor about her and prefers to have a few close friends rather than a large group. She enjoys being around children her own age and when I asked what she likes to do for fun she said hang out with friends and just chat with the girls. When asked if she could buy anything in the world she said she would give money to her orphanage and money for her granny and aunt and uncle for medical needs. Her favorite color is red and favorite animal is a cat. She dreams of being an elementary teacher she grows up. Her favorite subject in school is Ukrainian language.  She enjoyed dancing in gymnastics. She has never been to the United States but has had friends from her orphanage go, and she is dreaming of it. She is tall for her age and could be a model. She had great eye contact even though she was a little bit nervous. She was a little quiet towards the beginning of her interview but quickly warmed up and relaxed.