Ivan (7)

Ivan stole our hearts from the moment he walked in the room. This little guy is full of personality, smiles, and affection. His favorite cartoon to watch is Masha and the Bear. His favorite colors are white and blue and he likes soccer. He likes to eat soup and borscht , but told us no porridge.  His favorite animal is a wolf. The one thing, but he would like to for sure do if he gets to come to America, is to go to the beach. But he would need someone to watch him as he can’t get swim. His answers were precious, as he answered everything with “just”. When we asked what his favorite animal was, his answer “just a wolf”.  His favorite color, just “white and blue”. It might have been hard not to just put him in our suitcase and bring him home. Ivan has a 5 year old brother that is too young for hosting at this time.