Grisha was one of those kids that grab your heart and you can’t stop thinking and worrying about them  and their future for days. This sweet boy has crossed eyes from being injured/hit in the eye as a small child. He loves sports and being outdoors. He has many friends and is an extrovert. If he could buy anything, like most teens, he would buy a telephone. If he could live anywhere in the world, he would live in America.

His favorite color is yellow, because it is the color of the sun he said. He likes animals and his favorite animal is a tiger. He doesn’t know what he would like to do when he grows up, although he would love to play professional soccer like most Ukrainian teen boys. His favorite team is FC Barcelona and favorite player is Messi.

Grisha enjoys school and his favorite class is Ukrainian language. He would love to be hosted in a family with many kids, especially with some near his age. Misha was very sweet and outgoing. He lives in a small village and would love to come to America, although it will be a big change for him. He is calm and a great boy with no behavior issues.