Director notes: These three siblings are available now for adoption. They had two more siblings, ages five and seven that still live with mom. Director told us that they are full of energy, and like to help. She says it will be important for the family to keep the kids busy with helping out around the house. Especially the youngest one. The director kind of laughed, and said have them play football soccer whatever just wear them out. Mom was deprived in 2015 and there’s a single mom. This set of siblings was in foster care for many years and was recently brought to the orphanage. The director does not know why the foster family no longer cares for them.

Gregory (12)

Gregory was a shy and soft-spoken guy, but made great eye contact with us and greeted us as he came into the room. He loves drawing and was actually drawing a picture of a horse when we arrived at his orphanage. He enjoys being with his friends and enjoys being with kids his age or younger.  When I asked if he was giving money what would he buy, he said he would only buy essentials. He said this is something that he his mother had taught him. That you only spend money on necessities and not extras. He enjoys eating everything and couldn’t decide on a favorite food. However, he asked that his host family please do not serve him fish soup. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. He really enjoys school and enjoys most subjects. He likes math, Ukrainian and Russian language, and computers the most. Gregory, was a unique kid, as when we asked what his favorite sport was, he said American football. He said before arriving at the orphanage he had actually played two years in an American football league. Gregory might need to be encouraged to try new and different things. He says he like to see a roller coaster, but not sure he’d actually want to ride it. He has never been to the United States or hosted, and if he gets the opportunity one thing he would love to do is see an American football game.

Genya (14)

Genya is one special boy. Our interview team really likes this kid, and would love to see him hosted. Genya enjoys cooking, especially homemade pizza. He is an avid reader, and has just finished reading the Harry Potter series. He says he sometimes enjoys TV or movies, but prefers to read or cook. He is not a large group person and prefers to be in a smaller group. If he was given $1 million, he would buy a big house, on some pets, and have a pig in land for food in his future. He is not a picky eater and especially likes to eat dumplings. His favorite animals are puppies and kittens, and his favorite color is white. When he grows up he would like to be a history teacher, so naturally his favorite subject is history. It’s favorite sport is rugby before coming to the orphanage he used to play.  Genya thinks riding a roller coaster, or going to a movie, would both be equally exciting. When asked what he would enjoy most about coming to America, he said to just see how people live and learn the history of America. From interviewing him, I think he would really enjoy a trip to Washington DC. He also communicated with us that sometimes when he’s nervous or anxious it’s best for him to be alone and just read a book. Genya is a very reflective and easy-going kid. He’s very academic and intelligent.

Nastia (10)

Nastia came into the room smiling and was very conversational with us. She enjoys reading books and watching cartoons. She has many friends, but has one best friend. When asked if she had $1 million what would she buy, she said a cat from America. We all giggled, she explained to us that a cat from America is very, very special. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a cat. When she grows up she would like to be a veterinarian. Her favorite subject is math and she enjoys soccer and running. Nastia’s favorite food is potatoes. Especially french fries. She does not like to eat fish soup. She has never been to the United States and has not been hosted.