Dennis (12)

Dennis showed much excitement over the possibility of coming to America. He answered his questions fully and had great eye contact. When we asked him what he likes to do for fun, he says he enjoys playing with a tennis ball. He also likes to play computer games and put together puzzles. But he mentioned to us he only likes puzzles with big pieces.  He also enjoys reading books with pictures. If he was given money, he would give half of it to the orphanage and would use the other half to get to the United States of America. His favorite food is pizza and he does not like to eat porridge. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. In school his favorite subject is physical education and he dreams of becoming a basketball player. He would love the chance to ride a roller coaster.   We really enjoyed getting to know Dennis. He was energetic, expressive, and so excited to talk with us.

Vitalik (10)

This boy is full of energy and fun. He needs an active family who will keep him busy. He enjoys watching TV and movies, and said especially anything with zombies. He likes to play soccer with his friends and his favorite color is blue. If he had money he would give half of it to his school, and then with the rest by a nice phone. He’s not a picky eater and says he enjoys all foods, but not porridge. When he grows up he dreams of being a policeman. His favorite animal is a dog. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects or physical education, math, and literature. He lit up when we asked him if he would like to ride a roller coaster.