Anya (7)

Anya was all smiles. She came in with a big smile and was so friendly and that smile never left her face. She was excited to meet us and had much to say. We did notice that Anya has one lazy eye and so a visit to an eye doctor in the US would benefit her. Her favorite food to eat is borscht and she does not care for meat. Sasha, at her same orphanage is her best friend. Her favorite color is red and her favorite animal is a parrot. She enjoys playing with things like blocks and Legos and building with them. When she grows up she would like to a teacher. If she was given $1 million, she would buy Coke and pasta. She told us that she dreams of going to the United States or Italy, with her friend Sasha and taking many selfie’s. She enjoys doing puzzles and drawing. She prefers smaller groups and prefers to play with one good friend rather than a large group. However when we talk to her about a family, she says she would like to be hosted in a family with other children. This is one girl that will light up your summer.