Anya (7)

Anya was such a joy to meet. She was so excited to come and talk with us. She has a fun energy about her. Her favorite colors are blue, red ,orange, and black. It was hard for her to decide on just one. Her favorite animal is a cow and she is not a picky eater. She enjoys eating porridge with milk, meat and cabbage. However she does not like fish. Her favorite sport is soccer and she has many friends. Her teachers tell us that she is a friend to all. She was very inquisitive and curious as to why we speak a different language and where we were from. Her dream would be to be able to ride a horse one day. She loves princess Sophia, super kid, cartoons and also enjoys watching any show that has Santa Claus in it. This is one little girl that will bring a lot of joy to someone’s home. She is animated, expressive, and active.