Alosha is small for his age because he has some medical issues with his kidneys. He has medicine that he would bring with him during the summer and would simply take while he is in America. He is dreaming about coming to America, as he has lived at the orphanage since he was 7 years old and has had to watch many kids go for hosting and be adopted while he was left behind. If he is chosen to come to America, he would get to celebrate his birthday for the first time with a family. It would be great if he could be hosted in a warmer climate and would be so¬†wonderful if he could be seen by a doctor in America to get a second opinion on his condition. Alosha is very smart and very talented. He is a great singer. He has a great memory. He loves to break dance, even though the doctors don’t like it. He has a strong character and he loves attention.