Max could not wait to be interviewed. He continually asked if it was his turn yet. Max enjoys being outside and can play with children of all ages. He doesn’t necessarily have a favorite food but does not like fish or sushi. If he had money and could buy anything in the world he would give money to the poor and help them not to drink alcohol. His favorite animal is a leopard and his dream is to become an astronaut. His favorite color is the rainbow. He loves all the colors. When we asked him if he liked school, he said 75% yes and 25% no. He also shared with us that his favorite subject was math, which went right along with his answer. His favorite sport is soccer. When we asked him if he’d rather ride a roller coaster or watch a movie, he needed many details to make the decision. He was very inquisitive as to what type of movie we would watch? Was it a cartoon? Was it a superhero movie? When we asked what he would like to do in America, he said see everything and go to a store. Max thought a lot about his answers before answering. We noted that he seem to be a pretty cool guy. He really enjoyed speaking with us and at times was even a little silly and goofy. When he left, he told us it was fun being with you.