What is hosting?

Impact a child

Hosting is life changing 12 week summer and/or 4 week winter event where you welcome an orphaned child into your family’s home. Host children range in age from 6-16 and each host family is allowed to choose the child that fits best with their family dynamic after viewing the children’s photos and reading their biographies online. 

Impact your family

Host families lives are changed too! It brings the mission field right into your own home, neighborhood, and church. You will see the perspectives of yourself, your spouse, your children, and your community change, as eyes are opened.

See futures change

Without hosting, most of these children will eventually ‘age out’ of the system and never experience the life-giving, life-changing love that family provides. Hosting can also serve as a connection between an orphan and his or her ‘forever family’. 

Hearts Open

The children we work to serve feel left out, left behind and unworthy.  Hosting is ideal for families with a heart for the 143+ million orphans worldwide. The orphans available for hosting are chosen by our interview team, who travel overseas to meet each child in person. 

So how does it work?

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