Host Program Overview

Hosting is currently "on hold"

Hosting is a life changing 12 week summer and/or 4 week winter event where you welcome an orphaned child into your family’s home. Some of these children have never had, or were too little to remember a normal family life.  You can help change that!  You show them what a loving family is. You show them it is possible to be loved and cared for without conditions.  You help them learn English, introduce them to a new culture, immerse them into a new atmosphere.

You might be surprised at whose life is changed the most at the end of the 4 or 12 weeks.  Host children range in age from 7-16 and each host family is allowed to choose the child that fits best with their family dynamic after viewing the children’s photos and reading their biographies online. Without hosting, most of these children will eventually ‘age out’ of the system and never experience the life-giving, life-changing love that family provides. Hosting can serve as a connection between an orphan and his or her ‘forever family’.