Zhenya (14)

Zhenya has a lot of friends and enjoys hanging out with his friends. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. If he had money and could buy anything, he said he would help kids find a family and help poor people. His favorite food is sausage and he does not like to eat fish or beans. He’s not sure what he wants to be when he grows up, but his favorite subjects in school or algebra, PE, and science. He likes to play soccer and tennis.

Valya (13)

Valya likes to sing and play hide and seek. If it is raining outside, she likes to play games on a telephone.   When she grows up she would like to be a nanny.  Her favorite food are dumplings and force. She does not like fish. Valya has many friends and enjoys music lessons at school. We noted that she really needs to see a dentist.

Vita (10)

Vita is only 10, but we could say she had a deep sense of responsibility for her younger brother. When we interviewed him, she often answers for him and tended to him. Vita enjoys reading and drawing and playing with teddy bears. Her favorite color is green. When she grows up she would like to be a massage therapist. If she had money she would want to help her family and give to the poor. Her favorite foods are dumplings, soup, and borscht. She does not like to eat fish or meatballs. She would love the opportunity to ride a roller coaster.

Alya (9)

Alya enjoys playing with dolls and playing hide and seek. Her favorite color is orange and her favorite animals are dogs and cats. She enjoys school and her favorite subjects are math and computers. She does not enjoy Ukrainian language class. Her favorite food is sausage and dumplings but she doesn’t like to eat fish.  Alya would greatly benefit from seeing a dentist in America.

Stas (8)

Stas was very quiet and timid and one of his sisters answered most of his questions for him. He likes to play football and does not really enjoy going to school.  His favorite foods are sausage, borscht and dumplings.   Stas struggled with being focused while we were talking with him. Constantly looked around the room and rocked to soothe himself.