The siblings that had the heart of our interview team. They were so caring towards one another and precious and sweet.

Zhansmina (8)

Zhansmina Likes to play with puzzles and ran outside. She also enjoys drawing. She told us she has many friends. When we asked her if she had money and could buy anything, she said she would buy sweets and some cool clothes. Her favorite color is red and her favorite animal is a cat. When she grows up she would like to work in a store. She loves to eat pizza but does not like fish. Zhansmina is in the third grade in art is her favorite subject. She thinks that she would like to ride a roller coaster. In talking with her, she said she would love the chance to just walk around in a grocery store. We also noted that she was almost like a mother to her two brothers. She was correcting Arthur’s behavior in making sure that he was listening. She needs a chance to be a kid.

Artur (7)

Artur is in the first grade and his favorite subject is anything (but math). His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. He enjoys drawing and playing with toy soldiers. He likes to eat cakes and candies and watermelon is his favorite food. He does not like fish. He talked to us about how he would love to fly on an airplane. He was a little bit shy but he was also new to the orphanage and was still settling in.

Bogdon (2)

Too young to be hosted.