Yulia (7) Cleft Palate and Scoliosis

Yulia was like a scared little bunny when we met her. The orphanage director and the other orphan child that was helping with her laughed saying, “Normally we can’t get her to stop talking.” The orphanage director did say that she was very scared and shy when she entered the orphanage last September. But that she had completely come out of her shell since then. She was raised by her alcoholic mother until then, and has had a very tough life, even without her physical issues. Yulia has cleft palate and if we can find her a host family, the orphanage is begging us to try and get surgery donated here in the USA for her. This would be life changing for her no matter what happens beyond hosting. She also has scoliosis of the 3rd and 4th grade and they were hoping she would receive treatment for that as well. This surgery would be life saving for her as her scoliosis is severe and will worsen with age. She is tiny and likes princesses and the color pink. She likes dolls and stuffed animals. She loves cats she said and she liked looking at pictures of my husky, Jack. We think she would do great in a very calm family with other kids as she especially is close to an older (delayed) child at the orphanage. Even with her physical issues, she is very active. She knows her mind and can be stubborn at times. She badly needs hosting and adoption to change her future.