Yaroslav immediately grabbed our hearts. He’s so anxious to visit the United States and dreams of going on an airplane. He knows quite a bit of English, and answered many of his questions in English. We love this guy. We want him here for Christmas. He only wanted to answer in English and was precious. He is not shy and he is ready to come. We noted that he might have some hearing loss as he kept leaning into it here and cupping his right ear. He has no siblings and the director says he’s a great student.

He enjoys playing video games and likes to play soccer. His favorite foods are ice cream and fruit. He noted for us please don’t feed him fish. When asked if he could buy anything in the world he said he would travel to the United States forever. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is a dog. He dreams of being a soccer player when he grows up. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects are math and PE. He also enjoys dancing, singing, and playing the accordion. When asked what type family he’d like to be hosted in, he says he thinks it would be great to have brothers, but most important that the family likes soccer. He was very inquisitive and had many questions to ask us. He wanted to know all about America.