We loved this kid. He was very friendly and outgoing. He came to America the summer of 2018. He has four younger siblings that were taken into foster care last year. He said no to foster care to try and have an opportunity to go to America again. This boy is all about soccer. Every answer to almost every question had something to do with soccer. He wants to maybe be a professional soccer player he loves to play outdoors and play soccer and if he could buy anything in the world he would give money to soccer for a good future. When asked if he could live anywhere in the world his answer was a very quick USA. His favorite color is light green and he loves dogs. His favorite subjects in school or math and computers. When asked what type family he would like to be hosted in he said it doesn’t matter. Big, small, didn’t matter. When we asked what his favorite food was he laughed and said he likes everything so we asked him if he could only eat one thing the rest of his life what would he eat. With a big grin he said cheeseburgers. He had great eye contact and gave us lots of big smiles and was very friendly during his interview. We would love to see him hosted and in a family.