Vasya can be hosted with his sister Kristina and brother Misha or alone. Vasya has a lot of friends, and at school enjoys playing with younger kids. If he had money and could buy anything in the world he would buy a house, a nice car, and furniture. His favorite foods are dumplings with meat, bananas, oranges. He told us he’s not a very big sweet eater and does not like chocolate. He likes animals and his favorite animal is a dog or a hamster.

His favorite color is light blue and he would like to be a policeman when he grows up. He enjoys school and really enjoys hands on crafts. He also enjoys playing outside and doing activities such as running and soccer. He thinks he would enjoy being hosted in a family with kids around the same age as him or older. He would very much like to come and visit America. He had good eye contact with us during the interview and did not seem shy at all. He enjoyed talking with us and overall we had a great first impression of him.