Vasya and Danya are two sweet brothers that were raised by their grandma. When we interviewed them, their¬†solemn faces stole our hearts. Grandma died last year and after a brief stint of their uncle taking them in, were sent to the orphanage to live in January. We could tell from their faces that they were still in a bit of shock from the changes they had recently experienced in their lives. They were calm and serious with their answers, and we felt like we had succeeded a bit when we were able to bring a small smile to their faces. They were hosted this summer and their summer family’s comments are below. We would love to find a family to pour into their lives and hopefully have a home forever.

Vasya is very helpful, LOVES to work hard and happiest if kept busy with projects such as yard work, gardening, woodwork, etc., respectful, great sense of humor, quick learner, observant. Not keen on new adventures at first but warms up quickly.

Danya is AFFECTIONATE!, helpful, and eager to please. He is so eager to learn, and has the sweetest disposition. He is very playful and adventurous!! Not an adventurous eater. Loves to wrestle and roughhouse with the boys.