Valya and Andriy are both dreaming to be adopted and one day live in the USA. They were hosted previously with a different organization, when they were at their previous orphanage and they loved Chicago.

Valya is an introvert who has many friends. She loves playing tennis. She really gets along great with younger kids. When she was hosted before she loved riding bikes. She loves the color pink. She likes animals and cats and dogs. When she grows up, she said maybe she would like to be a chef. She loves cakes. Her favorite class in school is math. She would love to be hosted in a family with younger kids. She was shy but had a good attitude.

Andriy loves running and playing with other kids. He says he has many friends and likes being around other people all the time. His favorite color is red and loves puppies. When he grows up, he would love to be a house builder. When he was hosted before, he loved going to the parks and to the zoo. He really enjoys listening to music. He was shy and says he is dreaming of living in the USA forever.