Valera loves soccer and being outside. He is an introvert, so he values having some quiet time every day and has a few close friends rather than many friends that aren’t close relationships. He enjoys all kinds of music and loves to eat pelmeni. He says he gets along best with older kids especially and would love to be hosted in a small family.

If he could buy anything, he would buy a sports car he says. He lives in an orphanage in a small village and would love to live in the country or in a small town. He loves to cook and can cook eggs and borsht he says. His favorite color is red and favorite sports team is FC Barcelona.

Valera likes animals and his favorite animals are cats. He would love to be a soccer player professionally one day. Valera’s favorite classes in school are computer science and PE. In addition to playing soccer, he also enjoys tennis. If he is chosen to come to America, he would love to see the ocean. Valera is calm and quiet and knows his mind.