Are you ready for an instant family? These kids would love to have their forever home. Valentine and Natasha were previously hosted in America.  There was some behavior issues, and both of them point to each other as to who miss behaved. We get the sense that Natasha is a bit of a handful, but she promises to behave. She is a cutie, but would need a stern parent.  Little Peter was quite fidgety and had a hard time engaging. 

Valentine (11)

Valentine has lots of friends of all ages. He likes to play both inside and outside. When I asked if he had money and could buy anything what would he buy, he said a laptop, a house, and food. His favorite color is black and he likes dogs. When he grows up he dreams of being a professional boxer. He likes school and his favorite subject is computers. His favorite sport is boxing, and he likes watching professional boxing. If he gets to come to America, he would love to go to a waterpark.

Natasha (9)

Natasha says she gets along with kids of all ages and prefers to play inside. Her favorite color is pink and she likes dogs. She’s unsure of what she wants to be when she grows up. She says she doesn’t really like school much but she enjoys riding a bike. When asked if there was any sports she enjoyed she said no she prefers to be indoors. She would love to go to the United States and if possible be in a family with just the three of them. Natasha also said she enjoys skating.  She said her favorite food is ice cream. She was pretty quiet and reserved in speaking to us. We have heard she’s a bit of a stinker, but she promises to behave.

Peter (7)

Peter enjoys drawing and wants to be a fireman when he grows up. He prefers to play inside and also enjoys playing with kids older than he is. His favorite foods are french fries and chicken. His favorite color is gold and he likes dogs and cats.  He doesn’t know yet what he thinks about school as the day when we spoke with him was his first day of school. He would love to come to the US and make new friends.