Sasha and Svitlana are new to the orphanage. They were previously at a different orphanage that was for children with special needs. The Director noted for us that both of them are a little delayed because of this experience. He said that no one really cared for them and since coming to his orphanage they have made some progress. Only Sveta can come for hosting this summer. 

Sveta (11)

We really enjoyed meeting Sveta. She has a very sweet personality. She has many friends and enjoys being around other children. If she was given money, she would use it to ride a roller coaster. Her favorite color is white and her favorite animal is a lion. Her favorite food is dumplings with meat. When she grows up she would love to become a dog trainer.Her favorite subject in school is physical education, especially gymnastics.

Sasha (16)

Sasha was a bit reserved and nervous when talking with us. For 16, he is small for his age. In his free time he enjoys hanging outside with his friends. He had nothing specific that he enjoys eating, but just told us he did not like. If he had money to buy some thing, he would buy a house and a car. His favorite color is black and his favorite animal is a dog. When he grows up he would like to work in a restaurant. He did not really enjoy school but likes to play soccer.