He probably needs a family more than any other child listed on our program. Please contact us if you would like to add to his grant. Here are his diagnosis:

HIV, Strumpel disease, delays, joint contracture, Cytomegalovirus disease (this may have developed from his HIV going untreated in the home?), skin infections.

We will have permission for him to see an American doctor to have him evaluated for care to improve his standard of living.

Interviewer notes:

This little guy, was all smiles, even though he was already asleep when we got to his orphanage for interviews. They woke him so he could come and speak to us and he was so sweet. Staas loves to do puzzles. We asked him what he would buy with $1 million in his answer was quick and sure. He would buy a Rubiks cube. His favorite foods to eat our potatoes and soup, but he does like fish soup.  His favorite colors are red and yellow and his favorite animal is a dog. We loved his answer to what would you like to be when you grow up. He told us a big big strong boy. And then said a fireman. His favorite classes in school or reading and writing. He also shared with us that his favorite sport is soccer. Star is new to his orphanage and the director helps with the correct exercise therapy that he will gain strength in his legs and be able to walk.