Sofika (11)

Sofika is full of life, energy, and ready to try new things. She loves singing, music, and all things girly. She is very affectionate, and loves to give hugs.  She likes to eat all foods, and her favorite animal is a dog.  She has been hosted one time previously, and it was a great hosting. The previous host family is happy to speak with any family interested in hosting Sofika.

Anya (9)

Anya’s best friend is her sister Sofika. She loves to play pretend, and likes to play doctor. If she had money and could buy anything, she would buy a telephone, a house, and toys for her baby brother. (Baby brother lives at home with their mom still) Anya is a good helper and enjoys helping care for her younger brother. Her favorite color is yellow and her favorite animal is a cat. He favorite food is palmeni and she doesn’t like soup or rice. When we asked her what makes her happy, she said receiving gifts. When she grows up she would like to be a policeman. Her favorite subjects in school or literature in math. Would love the opportunity to ride a roller coaster.