This was our first time meeting the sisters and we absolutely fell in love with them. We shared many laughs with them.  They would do so well being hosted. They are very connected and bonded and had only been in the orphanage a short time. Everything in America would be amazing and new to them as they are from a very tiny village.  All of these girls gave us hugs as they left their interview and thanked us for coming to visit.  We would prefer for these girls to be hosted together. They have never been a part and have lived in one tiny room together their entire lives. Only the youngest will be allowed to come for hosting per embassy rules (for this summer) so we are hopeful that giving her a chance to be seen by a family will give these girls a chance for a great future for all! 

Sofia (11)

Sophia is the youngest of the three sisters. Her favorite colors are green and blue. She was very friendly and had many smiles to share. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes. Her favorite animal is a dog and her favorite class at school is music. When she grows up she would like to be a policeman. She shared with us that she is afraid of the dark. If she was given $1 million, she would put half of it in the bank and then buy food and clothing with the rest. When we asked her what she would like to do in America, she said she would love to go to the zoo and see an elephant and a zebra.

Diana (15)

Diana is the oldest of three sisters. She enjoys eating vegetables and salads and loves younger children. Even though she’s only been in the orphanage for a short time, if she was given $1 million, she would donate most of it to the orphanage and then would help sick kids. This girl has a heart of gold.  Her favorite color is light blue and her favorite animal is a dog. She is a little afraid of the water as she is not a strong swimmer. When she grows up she would like to become a social worker. Her favorite subject in school or music, literature, Ukrainian language, and English.  Diana’s dream would be to study abroad somewhere.  She would love to see and experience a new culture.

Marina (14)

Marina is probably the most independent of the three sisters. She said she could possibly be hosted on her own. Her favorite food is borscht and her favorite animal is a dog. Marinas favorite colors are black and red and her favorite subject is biology. When she grows up she would like to become a medical examiner or a mortician. She was not sure what she would do in America and she’s never dreamed of such. But, her face lit up at the idea of being able to ride a roller coaster.