Snizhana (8)

Snizhana is a sweet, funny, and lovable girl. She is crazy about dogs!!! And would be thrilled to have a doggie to play with. She would do well in a family that has a big backyard, as she is active. Structure from the beginning will make cooperating easier for her, as she does best with a consistent routine.

She gets a lot of enjoyment completing puzzles with one hundred pieces on her own and more when others are joining in the fun. Make sure to have plenty of crayons around, because this little cutie likes to color. Recently, she began playing with an American Girl (like) doll she named Dasha. She started changing her outfits and taking care of her hair. We had a blast playing with Dasha and a stuffed bear she grew to love, and we often used them in a fun way to reinforce behavior expectations.

She loves spotting airplanes and if she is hosted during Christmas you will undoubtedly hear her exclaim when driving, “Look, Christmas tree!” The family should be trauma informed. She could use some help learning to manage her emotions when she is given a limit. A family will need to be patient with her in this area, and provide a lot of loving consistent repetition. (Speaking with Julia the chaperone helped her to calm down.) She has some learning issues. Not sure if some of these are delays or are permanent.

She is very affectionate, but can get physical, and at times can veer between the two extremes rather quickly. The enthusiastic way she would greet people was absolutely adorable, and does this kid love a bubble bath! She will do best in a family that can afford to give her a lot of attention and has the time to devote to her when she is not understanding or agreeing with a limit.