Director notes: Director would love to see Danya hosted in a home that would take him to museums and educational things as he’s a very academic and smart boy. He feels much responsibility for his sister and looks after her, Director says he’s like a father to her. They have a good, strong connection. It would be preferred for them to be hosted in a family together.  

They have no contact with mom, and she has never visited, she is an invalid. Documents are prepared to deprive rights. They were previously offered to a foster family.  

Sasha (8)

Sasha was a cutie, who was sure of herself and what she wants. We think she will take much encouragement to try new things if it looks scary or unknown to her. Sasha enjoys drawing and especially likes to draw with crayons. She’s an active girl who likes to sing and dance. She prefers to be in smaller groups and has one close trusted friend. She likes to eat borscht , sweets, and cottage cheese. She does not like to eat fish. Her favorite color is red and she said she doesn’t have a favorite animal. In fact she said, she doesn’t really like animals, but she is not afraid of them. Her favorite subject in school is Ukrainian language and she doesn’t really care for sports.

Danya (14)

The director spoke very highly of Danya. As we asked him questions, you could see him processing. He thought carefully about his answers. This made him seem a bit serious but you can tell from the smile you be able to come out of his shell and have a good time. Danya enjoys reading science books, watching TV and playing games on her phone. He has many friends who are mostly older than him and some of the same age. One thing we loved about him, is he was not afraid to try English. If he had money, he would give it to the poor and his school to help. His favorite color is yellow and his favorite animal is a cat. He’s not a picky eater and really likes borscht but does not like to eat liver. When he grows up he would like to be a soccer player. His favorite classes are math, physical education, and Ukrainian language. If given the opportunity to travel to America he would love to ride a roller coaster.