They have a sister who is four named Dasha. She must receive special medicine and treatment for a kidney issue daily. There is hope that the medicine will repair the damage and that someday she will not need the medication anymore. Ruslana is said to take good care of her sister. The children have only been at her orphanage for two months. Prior to that they were in a transitional orphanage for five months.

Ruslana (11)

Ruslana enjoys going to the park and laying on her bed playing on her cell phone. She enjoys being in small groups rather than big. If she had money and could buy anything in the world, she would buy new shoes or clothes and then save the rest. Her favorite color is pink and her favorite animal is a hamster. When asked what would make her happy, she said to not have to go to school. She thinks that she might want to be a chef when she grows up. she enjoys art class at school but does not like literature. She is not a sporty or athletic girl. She enjoys more quiet time. Her favorite food is spaghetti and pasta. She does not like fish. When interviewing her, she was consistently smiling and giggling. She was a little shy, but engaged with us.  The Director shared with us that she is a very active and girly girl.  She also told us that Ruslana is a very good caregiver to her younger, sick sister.

Sasha (10)

Sasha is not a picky eater and enjoys eating sandwiches and french fries. He prefers to play with a small group of friends or one friend. When we asked him what makes him awesome, he responded that he is a good teacher helper. If he had money and could buy something, he would buy food in new clothes. His favorite color is green and his favorite animal is a dog. When we asked him what makes him happy, he said when he sees his Director. He enjoys school and his favorite subjects or PE and math. His favorite sport is soccer and when he grows up he would like to be a server. He would love the opportunity to ride a roller coaster. He didn’t have any questions for us about America, because he said he doesn’t know much about America. But he would like to come visit. The Director noted to us that he is a very sweet boy and a good helper.