Ruslan (9)

Ruslan was quite the adorable little boy. He enjoys running and playing hide and seek. His favorite color is orange and his favorite animal is a scorpion. He enjoys going to school and his favorite subject is math. When asked what his favorite food is, he got a big smile and said sweets. He does not like to eat fish. Ruslan enjoys drawing and prefers to play in a group. The idea of riding a roller coaster sounds a bit scary to him, but going to the movies is something he would like to do. When he is by himself, he enjoys drawing or doing puzzles. If he gets the opportunity to come to the United States, he would like to see nice houses and cars. When asked what he wants to be when he grows up he said the head of the policeman. He wanted to make sure that we understood that he did not want to be just a policeman but to be the boss. When asked if he had $1 million what would he buy, he said food. He told us a story about when he used to live with his family how they never had food to eat. Ruslan was a very calm and sweet boy.