Pavlina was very conversational with us and gave lots of smiles. She enjoys drawing pictures of nature and her favorite color is light blue. She values friendship and has one best friend she does many things with. She enjoys school and her favorite subject at school is physical education. Her favorite sport to play is basketball. Her favorite animal is a flamingo and when she grows up she like to be a nail technician. Wouldn’t it be fun to take her for a real manicure? Her favorite foods are fruits and apples and she does not like to eat porridge. If she was giving money to buy anything, she would buy a salon in a car. She enjoys watching romantic comedy movies. She has never been hosted or been to the United States. It is her dream to fly on an airplane.  When we asked her if she’d like to ride a roller coaster she said she thought that that would be a little scary however later in her interview she said that she’d like to go skydiving. So may be a little bit of an adventurous spirit but might need some encouragement to try new things.