Olesya’s director spoke very highly of her. He says that she is a shy girl, but is a very good girl. She gave us lots of smiles during her interview. Olesya loves reading about different countries, drawing and playing with clay. She also enjoys just hanging out with her friends. She did express to us that she enjoys children around her same age and does not care much for younger kids. Her favorite food is soup, but she does not like to eat porridge. When asked what she would do with $1 million, she said she would buy treats for her friends. Her favorite color is brown and her favorite animal is a cat. When she grows up she dreams of being a hairdresser. Wouldn’t it be fun to take her to a real salon and let her see and meet a hairdresser.  Her favorite subject in school is geography. She is at a special-needs orphanage, and has mild mental delay.