Nastya (8) & her sister Natasha (6)

Super sweet set of sisters. It doesn’t get any sweeter than these two. They had many smiles to share with us and were very kind to one another.  Both sisters were very conversational with us and excited to share with us. Natasha is too young for summer hosting. 

Nastya is a beautiful girl with aspirations to become a police woman someday. She would love to meet a policeman and have a photo with them. Nastia enjoys Raenie and her favorite subject at school as Ukrainian language. Her favorite color is pink and she still enjoys playing with dolls.  When asked what her favorite animal was, she had a very unique answer. Dinosaurs. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to take her to a dinosaur museum, or to see dinosaur tracks? If she gets the opportunity to visit America, she would love to see the beach. Her favorite food is pizza, but she does not like fish. Nastya is sure to bring joy to any family she is a part of.