Nastya is a very sweet girl. She does have mild FAS and the delays that go along with that. She is very quiet and reserved and will do well in a family that will help her to thrive and meet her full potential, even with her special needs.

She prefers to play inside. When asked if she has a lot of friends or a few good friends, she said she has a few good friends. When asked what she likes to do with her friends she says she likes to dance with them. Nastya enjoys eating pasta and she loves ice cream. She does not like to eat boiled eggs. Her favorite colors are red, blue, yellow, and black. She likes animals and her favorite animals are horses, cats, and dogs. She likes school OK and her favorite subject is literature and computers. She prefers Russian language over Ukrainian language. She likes soccer and gymnastics.  She enjoys competition and especially likes to win. She would like to be in a family that has kids, especially girls if possible. She came to the US last summer on hosting and enjoyed her time there. We asked her what her favorite things about being in America where and she said swimming, having fun, going to the movies, and spending time with the grandma in the family.  She did mention that while she enjoy doing things in America, she didn’t like having to go out every day and do something. Some days she likes to just stay at home and relax.

The director mentioned that while she’s in the US it would be good to have her hearing checked. Director seems to think she would do better in a smaller family as well.