Yulia (15)

Yulia is a beautiful girl inside and out. She was very conversational with us and smiley but spoke quietly.   She prefers to hang out indoors and to be with her friends. Her favorite color is white and her favorite animal is a dog. Don’t let her quiet disposition for you as she has aspirations to become a policeman. Her favorite thing to eat is pasta. Any kind of pasta. If she had money, she would buy a house, as she knows her days at the orphanage are coming to an end soon. Yulia is quite academic. Her favorite subjects in school or Ukrainian language in world literature. When asked if she’d rather ride a roller coaster or watch a movie, she would watch a movie.  When we asked her if she had any fears she giggled a little and answered mice. Though Yulia would not want to ride a roller coaster, she thinks it would be pretty fabulous to go to Disneyland.

Misha (14)

Misha is a boy who loves soccer. He loves to play soccer and watch soccer. In his free time, he likes to play soccer. His favorite color is light green and his favorite animal is a cat. His favorite thing to eat is pizza, but without mushrooms. He does not care for mushrooms. When Misha grows up, you guessed it, he wants to be a professional soccer player. His favorite classes at school or PE and computers.  Misha was a little shy but we see the potential in him that he would warm up quickly in a family.