We love these sisters. Very big hearts and loving towards one another. They can be hosted together or separately.

Milana (13)

We love love love, this sweet and amazing girl. She has now been interviewed three times for hosting, and has never been chosen. She has such a sweet demeanor about her and is so kind. She talk to us several times about how much she would love to be in a family that had a baby or toddler that she could help take care of. When asked what she would enjoy doing on a rainy day she said cuddle up in a blanket and watch TV. She said maybe play a video game. She gets along well with others enjoys children of all ages especially younger children. Milana has lots of friends.  Her favorite foods to eat or french fries and dried grapes, or as we would call them raisins. When asked if she could buy anything in the world she said she would buy nice things for her director and share things with her friends. Her favorite colors are light pink and light green. Her favorite animal is a hamster. When she grows up she would like to be a hairdresser. She really enjoys doing hair and nails for the other girls at the orphanage. She likes school 50-50 and her favorite class is PE and hand crafts. She has previously taken dance lessons and would love to do so again. Her favorite sport is volleyball. She has never been to the US. When I asked if she had any questions about America, she said I’m ready to go. She was a very good communicator, very vocal, and was very expressive. The director noted to us that she is an amazing girl with a kind heart and the director would especially love to see her hosted this Christmas.

Yana (10)

Yana has lots of friends and enjoys playing outside. She enjoys playing with children her age and younger. Her favorite food is french fries but she does not care for soup or Borsh. Her favorite color is black and she enjoys school. Her favorite classes in school or PE. She likes dancing singing and is excited to start learning gymnastics this year. When Yana Rosa she would like to be a caregiver in an orphanage. When asked if she could buy anything in the world, she talked about her orphanage and her director and talked about all the things that she would buy for the orphanage because of how much she loves her director. She was so kind and sincere and talking about this that she had all of the interview team in tears. She has never been to America and thinks it would be fun to be hosted in a family with a lot of kids and maybe a baby or toddler. This girl has a huge heart and we see great potential for her. And look at those eyes. They are gorgeous.