These two sweethearts have been hosted many times. They are ready to move on to the next stage of their life and come to a forever family. Artem told me himself that he is ready to stay in America forever. Please help me find them a forever home!

Artem (11)

Artem is everyone’s best friend he makes friends of all ages easy and loves to play with big kids, he loves soccer and video games(we didn’t have them but he told me), he is not super athletic but he sure loves to play soccer anyways. And wants to be a soccer coach. He loved soccer camp but had an emotional time not winning player of the week just some things to work through and learn for him. He loves to swim and is pretty good he did great at lessons this summer. He is a great helper and loves to talk to you, he is always looking for ways to help and likes to help with cooking. He does have some emotions to work though that we noticed so he will take some extra love, skills and work and he takes some time to trust and love you but he is great and I could see so much for his future. I would not say it’s anything out of the normal for orphans they have been at the orphanage since 2 and 3.

Max (9)

Max is my little wild man. He loves soccer to and is smaller for his age but not tiny. He is non stop funny and loves to play! He wants to be a mail man but now UPS man I told him it pays better 😉 he says “I will be mail man in big brown truck” he wants to have enough money to buy a house with a pool and have two maybe three kids. He has big plans for his future. He learns fast and is a lot of fun. Him and my 6 year old became best friends and had so much fun this summer.

From their previous host mom:

We have prayed, cried and spend hours deciding what’s best for their future and how to get them home to a family. Right now I truly just want them loved and with a family that loves them and is perfect for them.
I will spend hours talking about them because I want them loved but hosting is hard on Artem he has been hosted three times now. The first Two families were host only and just wanted to host and had no plans to adopt them. But it was hard on him as he asked me why do my friends get to go back to the same families but not me.They need a family but hosting is getting harder on his heart.