Directors notes on the three brothers: Their backstory, the two oldest were in a different orphanage earlier. The youngest brother still at home with mom. Mom attempted to sell the youngest brother to a gypsy, who reported her to the police and her rights were taken away.  The director would really love for these boys to have a chance. Especially the older one. She said Maxim is a very good and calm boy that he cares greatly for his younger brothers and has a desire to learn English. They are looking for a forever family. Only the younger two can come for hosting this summer. 

Kolya (7)

We cannot even express how precious Mykola is. He had all of us, including the Director laughing and enjoying our time with him. This boy is pure cuteness and personality.  Mykola told  us that when he’s not in school he enjoys drawing and whistling. His favorite color are black and gray and his favorite animal is a giraffe. He really enjoys school and doesn’t have a favorite subject. Just said he enjoys studying and learning. If he was given $1 million he would buy a new house, give half the money to the orphanage, and the rest he would use to help find a job.  When he grows up he dreams of becoming a fireman. The one thing he would love to do most while in the United States is visit the zoo. Be sure not to miss his video of him telling us that he wants to fly to the United States.

Andrii (10)

Andrii is a quiet guy who was a bit nervous to talk with us. He really enjoys art and drawing. When we asked him if he had $1 million what would he buy he told us sketchbooks for drawing. When he’s outside he likes running with his friends. His favorite colors are red, green, and black. His favorite animal is a lion and his favorite class in school is literature. When Andrii grows that he would like to be a PE teacher.  He enjoys eating porridge but does not like fish. When we asked him what he would like to do or see in America he said he would love to see the mountains and maybe go to the zoo. He also thinks it might be fun to experience a roller coaster, even though he’s not for sure he would be brave enough to get on it.  Andrii has a lazy eye, and would benefit from seeing an eye doctor in America

Maxim (15)

Maxim is the oldest of three brothers and cares deeply for his younger brothers. The director told us that he often helps them with homework and even goes to school and talks to their teachers about their progress. He really enjoys fixing electronics. Loves to get old cell phones computers etc. and look at how they are made and try to fix them. He is friendly and has many friends, but has two friends that he really trusts. His favorite thing to eat is borscht and really everything the orphanage serves.If he was given money and could buy anything, he would share the money with his brothers and prepare for his life. He would buy a house, food, and clothing. His favorite colors are light green and white and he likes cats and dogs. When he grows up he would like to be a businessman and make good money. This is a boy with ambition and drive. His favorite class is science and he’s not much of a sports guy. He would love the opportunity to ride a roller coaster. In school he would prefer to work on projects by himself rather than in a group. He would love to come to America just to experience it.  to see how people live, what they eat, and what the culture is like. He thinks it would be fun to be in a family with other children. Maxim is friendly and easy going. Our interview team really liked him. Maxim would really love to learn English. He has even taken the initiative to ask his director if it’s possible to have a private tutor to learn English. A summer in America would give him this great opportunity.