Masha has a very strong character and wants to be a leader. She is new to the orphanage and is still trying to find her place. She previously lived with her grandma, until she could no longer take care of her. She very badly wants to go to the USA and dreams of having a forever family. She has never had a stable family or normal life.

Masha loves to sing, dance (hip hop) and draw. She prefers being outside over being inside and says she has many friends. She is an extravert who thrives from being around people. When we asked her what she would buy if she could buy anything, she said that was a difficult question but that she would probably buy a new phone to send to her grandmother. When we asked where she would live if she could live anywhere in the world, she said definitely America.

Her favorite color is yellow, because it is calm but still bright and happy she said. She likes animals, especially dogs and cats. She wants to be a teacher of small children when she grows up. She likes school and her favorite classes are algebra and English. Her English was excellent and we could tell that she has really worked hard at her English lessons. Masha loves martial arts. She doesn’t care if she is in a big family or a small family, as long as she has a family. The one thing she is dreaming of doing in America is visiting a water park. Masha was a little shy but very sweet and we think she will do great in a family.